сряда, 18 януари 2012 г.



неделя, 13 март 2011 г.


hold your breath

perceive the movement -
the Earth sighs and whispers
tales of beginning and end

“Just stop and think – Quo Vadis, Man?”

петък, 11 декември 2009 г.


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най-сетне пада.
Тъй тихичко
снежинките валят –
спокойствието ме събужда.

От облаците отмалял
се отървава вятърът
и изоставя тежкия товар
върху гърба
на планината.

Върбата плачеща
го гушва
с приспивна песен
го люлее.

Светът спокоен е
като във глобус от стъкло
върху дланта на Господ ...

Виж, наслади се на мира

преди да се домъкнат хората
и всичко
да оплескат!

is falling down at last
So quietly the flakes descend,
the stillness wakes me up.

A weary wind disposes
of the heavy clouds,
and leaves its burden
on the mountain’s slope.

A weeping willow
hugs the wind
and swings it
with a tender lullaby.

The world is calm
as if it’s in a globe of glass
upon God’s loving palm…

Behold the peace

before the humans
come along and
mess it up.

Copyright: Maya Lyubenova

четвъртък, 3 декември 2009 г.


Two brothers play
mancala board games

pretending to be
a friendly enemy

they never stop
each other's seeds

Idle eyes watch the game

captured in
the luminosity
of forever...

Idle minds care not of
past's unheard lectures
nor do they care about
the future

faded grasses
blanket distant
frost on
yesterday's remnants

Two brothers play
mancala board games:
the more bread one takes
from his sibling,
the better player he is.

Sitting in privileged respect
they never stop.

понеделник, 23 ноември 2009 г.


In the darkest of caves
arms, legs, heads in chains,
gazing at shadows
which crawl on a wall,
they learn:

discerning shapes,
giving names to ghouls...

No one can see
the fire behind,
the Puppeteers pulling
strings, uttering words
to be imprinted on
the captives' minds.

Few break the chains
and escape -
moths blinded by fire,
some burn in flames.
crawl up to the surface -
eyes drink thirstily
sunbeams of gold,
erasing the memory
of darkness

below . . .

arms, legs, heads
in chains
their fellows

in the darkest of caves

Puppeteers rule.